Our Kitchen & Glass Cloth is a high-quality towel that’s perfect for maintaining the cleanliness of your kitchen and glassware. Made from 100% cotton, it is highly absorbent and will easily wipe away any spills or stains. The cloth has a size of 40×70, making it large enough to handle even the toughest cleaning tasks with ease.

The cotton fabric is gentle enough to use on delicate surfaces such as glass without leaving any scratches or marks. Its lightweight yet durable construction ensures that it will last for a long time even with regular use.

Our Kitchen & Glass Cloth is ideal for use in hotels, restaurants, cafes, and households. It’s versatile enough to be used for wiping countertops, cleaning appliances, and drying dishes and glasses. With our wholesale pricing, you can get this essential cleaning tool at an affordable price.

Invest in the best with our Kitchen & Glass Cloth. Order now and experience a hassle-free cleaning experience like never before.

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