Duvet Inner

Cover :

  • Polymicro Fabric

Filling :

  • Padding Hallusin 5 Oz

Size :

  • 150 x 230
  • 160 x 230
  • 180 x 230
  • 200 x 230
  • 220 x 230
  • 240 x 230
  • 260 x 230
  • 280 x 230

Is a thick insulated bedding layer that is used to provide warmth and comfort during sleep and also known as duvet inner or comforter. It is filled with synthetic fibers and sometimes come in various thicknesses and warmth levels, making them suitable for different climates and personal preferences.

Experience the ultimate comfort and warmth during your sleep with our premium quality Duvet Inner. Made with the finest synthetic fibers and available in a variety of warmth levels and thicknesses, this Duvet Inner is perfect for all kinds of climates and personal preferences.

Our Duvet Inner is designed to provide maximum comfort and a cozy sleeping experience, every night. The Polymicro Fabric cover ensures the softest touch, while the Hallusin 5 Oz filling adds just the right amount of insulation. Available in multiple sizes to fit your bed perfectly.

Order now and make your hotel guests’ sleeping experience the best they could ask for. And with our wholesale prices, you can get amazing deals on bulk orders of our Duvet Inner. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose our Duvet Inner and experience the ultimate sleep comfort!

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