Pillow Protector

Pillow Protector

A removable cover that is placed over a pillow to provide an extra layer of protection and maintain its cleanliness. Typically made of a lightweight and breathable fabric such as cotton or polyester

Cover : Terry Waterproof

Quilted Zipped

Size :

Introducing our high-quality Pillow Protector, designed to give your pillows an extra layer of protection while preserving their cleanliness and longevity. Made with premium terry waterproof fabric, this pillow cover promises to keep your pillows free from spills, stains, and moisture.

We understand that a clean pillow is essential when it comes to ensuring a good night’s sleep. That’s why we’ve crafted our Pillow Protector with a quilted, zipped design that provides ultimate protection to your pillows against dust mites, allergens, and other irritants.

Our Pillow Protector comes in two different sizes, 50×70 cm and 51×76 cm, to ensure the perfect fit for your pillows. The cover is easy to remove and can be machine-washed for hassle-free maintenance.

Not only does our Pillow Protector keep your pillows fresh and clean, but it also extends their lifespan, saving you money in the long run. With our wholesale prices, you can order our Pillow Protector in bulk, making it a perfect choice for hotels, guesthouses, and other hospitality settings.

Don’t compromise on the quality of your pillows. Get our premium-quality Pillow Protector today and experience the ultimate protection for your pillows. Order now and enjoy fast and reliable delivery across Indonesia

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