Matrass Protector

Matrass protector serves to protect the surface of the mattress from all kinds of dirt and keep the mattress durable. This matrass is placed on the mattress before being covered with sheets.

Besides being safe this mattress protector is made of quality 7-Oz Polymicro material.


Cover : Polymicro
Filling : Halusin 70Oz

– 160 x 230
– 180 x 230
– 220 x 230
– 240 x 230
– 260 x 230

Looking for a reliable and durable matrass protector? Look no further than Golinens Indonesia!

Our matrass protector is the perfect addition to your hotel supplies, keeping your mattresses clean and well-protected. Made with high-quality 7-Oz Polymicro material, this matrass protector is guaranteed to last for years to come.

Not only is our matrass protector effective in keeping your mattresses clean, it is also comfortable and soft to the touch. The filling is made of Halusin 70Oz material, ensuring a comfortable sleeping experience for your guests.

Available in a range of sizes, including 160 x 230, 180 x 230, 220 x 230, 240 x 230, and 260 x 230, our matrass protector is suitable for all types of mattresses. And with our wholesale prices, you can ensure that your hotel is well-stocked with our high-quality matrass protectors without breaking the bank.

Choose Golinens Indonesia for all your hotel supply needs, and experience the difference our high-quality products can make.

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